The Commission

The commission – CTA CW – ensures that judicial bodies responsible for police cells, custody of foreigners, facilities for addiction and youth detention, handle detainees and residents properly and fairly. In case of irregularities, it will notify the Minister of Justice to ensure appropriate measures are taken. In addition it monitors the implementation of improvements. The commission observes rigorous standards and rules as established in local laws and international treaties.

The commission is independent. Nobody can influence its decisions or interfere in its work. The commission is formed by:

  • Mr. F.M. Hanze LLM (chairman)
  • Mr. R.T. Meulens MBA
  • Mr. ir. A.R.B. Troeman MBA
  • Mrs. L.E. Tielen-Martes MSc (secretary)

They are appointed for a period of three years and can be reappointed by the Minister of Justice.